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All music is available on most streaming platforms; Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

Grant taught himself how to play piano when he was 14. He was first inspired by nature's emotions and the metaphors found therein. That intrinsically lead him to his present goal as a musician; to capture those most precious moments that cannot adequately be described with clumsy words.


"1.618, otherwise known as Phi or the Golden Ratio, has always fascinated me. The evidence that there is order behind beauty and harmony inspires me infinitely. I hope it, and my music, inspire you."
- Grant

Liquid Earth.png

"I have always viewed the Earth as a living being, a loyal, giving, and true friend. While she is stable and reliable, she is also liquid and full of emotion. I present to you Liquid Earth, my interpretation of the emotions we share with her." - Grant


"A small sample of the Christmas music I have created over the years." - Grant


"A 2 song collaboration with my long-time friend Kramies rich with nostalgia and emotion" - Grant

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