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Grant investigates with the utmost respect for the entities and the client. Treating the entities as the humans they are is key to his methodology. While there are aspects of the paranormal that require caution, Grant is against the undue spreading of fear. He desires to replace undue fear with intrigue.

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While using experimental equipment is fun when investigating for your own benefit, Grant does not use these tools when working in a client's home. He feels it is necessary to use quality-controlled gear that industries rely on, gear with a warranty, gear that provides accurate data that he can then interpret to determine if there is possible paranormal activity.

Ghost Hunting Vs. Paranormal Investigation

While Grant is featured on a show called Ghost Hunters, he is not actually a ghost hunter, he is a paranormal investigator. Ghost hunting involves visiting a location for your own benefit, casting a wide net with all types of equipment, hoping to have an experience. Paranormal investigation is when you enter a client's home or business with the express mission to help them deal with things that they believe may be paranormal. Paranormal investigators search for the truth and offer comfort. 

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